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September 16th, 2016
🔮Full moon Lunar Eclipse in compassionate Pisces🎏


September 12-18,2016 we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in mystical Pisces.  Magical change is well under way. Make space to go with the flow this week. You need to be able to roll with your moods and feel you feelings. Nap if you need to, dance if you have to, you might want to write. Inspiration needs a soft spot to land on Friday when the moon is full.  The Eclipse alters our perception so new ways of being can slip into reality.

Tuesday is a tricky square between the Virgo Sun and Mars in know-it-all Sagittarius.  Both these signs are great at the truth. Telling it like it is almost compulsive for Sagittarius. And Virgo is always ready to point out where things need improvement.  I suspect there will be truth bombs exploding all over the place.

On one hand the truth will set you free. Which I am a firm believer. On the other hand, it’s all in the delivery. It may not be possible to have any kind of bedside manner with the square between the Sun and Mars. Bridges can burn now. Be ready for the fall out.

This Full moon in Pisces packs a punch with Mars activating activating it all with the growth inducing square.  Pisces is tricky Neptune ruled energy.  On one hand great works of inspired art are connected to this energy, on the other,  junkies ride the same energy- its a fine fine line. It might be the sort of full moon that gobbles up the heroin addicts who cross the line. But just as easily a dream that takes effort to make real can sprout into existence.

Nothing is very clear. And that’s just how it should be. Neptune evolves through dissolving. And Neptune is the ruler of this Full Moon.  You can make a to do list if you want to be creatively productive.  It’s likely that no linear way of being will work right now though.

Make some space to be arty. Communicate the visionary images floating through your consciousness.  Write, paint, sing, sculpt, compose, express.

We are all creative. It is our birthright. Life itself is an act of creation- created every day with every breath we take. You’ll be surprised at the downloads of inspiration. Make the space to  lounge around and create.

Right after the Full moon the weekend Mars is connecting to unpredictable Uranus. This might be just the get up and go energy you need to step put of the fog.  Brave moves in new directions are possible.  Bold declarations can be backed by energy and confidence now.

This week will be memorable.  Enjoy any uncertainty you encounter. Nothing is as it seems but things are becoming what they will. Breathe light Beam Love.

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