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January 16-22, 2017 the Sun will move from tradition loving Capricorn to unconventional Aquarius. Oprah and Ellen are great examples of Aquarius energy put to good use. For the next month, while the Sun floats along through Aquarius you can get in touch with rebel you. You can think in a more detached way. Get your selfish on. Which is great when you need to make a move in a new direction. Your worldly humanitarian self might find a new cause to pick up. It may not be practical, but it just might be genius.

Thursday is a day to watch out for. The Sun switches signs and Mars in Mystical Pisces might give you a saviour complex. Its squaring ” I like it hard” Saturn. Be careful with that. Until our own lives are working, and likely not even then, should we get in the way of other peoples Stuff. This has been a life long issue for me. I want to fix and save and transform people. But the Universe helps those who help themselves. As I am sure we have all seen time and time again. And I have a whole lotta work left to do on me.

Use this contrary energy to save yourself. Saturn Squaring Mars is a very energetic combo. And with Mars in Pisces there is an acute sensitivity to suffering. And also doing something about suffering. Even Saturn in Sadge is motivated by what is right and good and honest and true. The more you focus on working on your own unfolding and doing what you know you need to do. The more the sweet dreamy energy can manifest in your mystical life.

Saturn and Mars can create a feeling of being thwarted. People with this aspect in thier natal charts are often immensely frustrated and often, furious. It can happen to kids in childhood when parents are controlling everything. Especially if this child is a cardinal sign, a leader. Little leaders come out of the gate that way.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are here to lead the show. Freedom lovers need to be free. Otherwis, Saturn and Mars collide and create an inner sense of all of your impulses being shut down. But since leaders are survivors they cope by getting seething mad and resentful. They lash out and rebel, conquer to get back some control. He who fights with monsters must take care not to become a monster himself. That’s the energy we are dealing with this week.

I am in the most beautiful Mexican seaside town nestled on a hill with mountains and cactus all around. I have freedom and time and beauty all around me. Nothing can stop me from being blissfully happy and utterly grateful. Except I have a throat infection. Thwarted. At least it’s not diarrhea, says optimism.

We can leverage this difficult energy. Controlling our powerful instincts and channelling them into the effort to be our true and total, however inappropriate, selves. Work! Like a boss! at this. Serious power is at your disposal. Those who work the energy are less likely to be controlled or caught off guard.

All planets are in direct motion now. All the planetary energy from Mental Mercury to powerful Pluto are focused forward. Include yourself in this stellar line up of planetary energy. All systems are go. It’s likely you are feeling that. Or that life is reflecting it to you in some way. It will be interesting to see what shows up for all of us. Even more interesting, “What will we do with it? Lets do it for the greater good! in Aquarius fashion:let your freak flag fly free.
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