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This weeks Planetary plans 

April 10-16, 2018 This weeks way shower Aries new moon is potent. Suddenly you are brave. Out of the blue you do know what you need to do. Harness this energy. You can glimpse the life you are meant to live.You may have settled for small when you really choose big. Make movements in directions you wish you’d gone. Fortune favors the resolute.

The week leading up to Sunday’s new moon is full of important planetary relationships. The Sun in fiery Aries is in a tense showdown with Pluto. This is very fruitful ground.  Pluto is pushing the ego to transform with the control of Capricorn.

The Sun ,our Ego energy, is strong now. Aries is brave and Impetuous. Capricorn is thorough and enterprising.  This is wonderful beginning energy. Implement grand plans. Think of the future. What is your legacy. Go for something seemingly just beyond your grasp and watch magic happen. Engage this process.

Mars and Venus in Earth signs are in a lovely supportive trine. Love is in the Air.  Mar is in practical Capricorn and Venus is in Taurus. Displays of love can come in many thoughtful forms. This is see it through to the end energy, it has staying power.   Fickle it is not. Think of all the practical ways you can offer your love and support. Send Love and Light. Receive Love and Light. Tap in to this frequency.

But remember, we are still dealing with Mercury retrograde.  Things are not entirely clear. We are integrating our most recent upgrades and it requires us to be less productive than we might like.  You may feel stalled, or confused about your focus and progress. Hang in there, mercury goes direct on the 15th after the New moon. Go with the flow, however uneven it is. Make space, hold space.  Stretch into all the spaces in your body with awareness. Occupy Life.

The mid week Pisces moon also has some fabulously soulful connections between Cosmically tuned in Neptune and Peace seeking Venus. These two patrons of the arts bring in the vibrations of magnificent creative expression. The vibrations of Love and understanding are strong. These are the days that bring meaningful experiences that provoke deep gratitude. And as we all know gratitude is the attitude.

The New Moon in Aries on Sunday is powerful indeed.  There is a square to Pluto and Mars and a conjunction to Uranus.  Unexpected opportunities to step into your power. Take responsibility for creating the life you are living. This is going to require effort, ask Saturn, nothing worth anything is easy.  Though Jupiter would disagree. Resolve is strong. Understanding is deep. We are transforming and it may seem like a labor. Open to the electric ideas illuminating the way, the Cosmos are crackling with clarity. Choose higher frequencies. What you focus on grows.

To expedite the changes in your life try using a bit of that discipline to keep a Gratitude journal. This little act is magic. A week of taking the time everyday to feel Grateful will change your life considerably. Aldous Huxley noticed that “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” Be grateful and witness the magic of more to be grateful for. Many blessings for a fabulous first new moon of the new Astrological year.

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