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July 17-21, 2017 – This is the last week of the sensitive Cancer Sun. The Moon will be new in playful Leo, granting us access to childlike wonder. Your mission now: have fun, be fun, do fun. Fun is a necessary component to a happy balanced life. Having fun leads to laughter, a most potent natural remedy.

There is a lovely trine between Jupiter and Mercury in the charming witty air signs of Libra and Gemini. Shmooz alert. If you need to be mingling do it Tuesday-Luck is on your side. You might be dazzled with your ease and grace. If you need a little help trust that it is all around you- taking care of the details you have no control over. Act and then let go.

Wednesday Saturn is also lending a hand with your communications. You will be able to see clearly now. You thoughts are sober and trustworthy. If you have to plan ahead trust that you are seeing the bigger picture and long term gain. Saturn wants us to learn the value of slow growth and steady progress.  Make plans and follow through.

Thursday Mars moves into Leo. It’s a relief too. Mars feels like things are stuffy in Cancer.  Mars in Leo is feeling fantastic and gives us a boost in our very own self interest.  And when we take care of number one we have something to give from an authentic place. Mars in Leo helps you to appreciate adorable you. You have all of August and the rest of July to get into the groove and beam most fabulous you.
The Same day Mars moves out of Cancer and into Leo the Sun will form a difficult angle with Uranus.  Is part of you being Stubborn about something to do with your personal growth. Maybe a rebel part would rather keep bucking the system to try and stay free.  Funny thing is, it’s your system your bucking.  How can all sides of you win in this seemingly divergent scenario? Stretch a little.

The biggest news this week is the New Moon in Leo on the 23rd, PST.  Mars is joined with this fiery New moon giving it extra punch.  It is wonderful to start something big the day after the new moon.  Once its in the swing of expanding towards full again we can hop up on that wave of energy and expand much more easily too.  Like how in Finding Nemo they joined the fast moving current with the turtles. We can do similar things with the energy in the cosmos.  Jump in.

For the best use of this New Moon Leo Energy ask your Self what you can do to bring in the Joy?   Life is short so why not live a more joyful life?  If you need to put yourself out there and share your talents it will come naturally now.  It is likely that you have something to share, some kind of blessing for others that you hide away. Dust that stuff of and embody your joy.

I recommend the wearing of pinks, oranges and yellows and the smell of cinnamon buns in the oven. Also, an important part of joy is a prism in a window and attracting humming birds.  It’s the little things in every moment that anchor the feelings in.
Here’s to the kid in you.  You are now responsible for making that kiddo happy.  Grown ups don’t have to wear grey and beige.  Live the life little you was missing. May joy be before, behind and all around you!

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