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October 16-22 2017 communicator Mercury moves from non confrontational Libra to painfully honest Scorpio. Jupiter fuses with Mercury in Scorpio on Wednesday- Watch in awe as the awful truth trickles in. We are only as sick as our secrets. The Moon will be new In justice seeking Libra in opposition to screw the consequences Uranus on October 19. Saturn, our stable patriarch is offering the gift of sticking to it, one step at a time is all that is needed.

Jupiter made the move out of lovely Libra into serious Scorpio on the tenth. It will be there until November 2018. I have a feeling there will be many stories like the ones we are hearing about corrupt Hollywood. Scorpio is here to heal and transform and while expansive truth seeking Jupiter travels through this sign we can expect the secrets and lies to be exposed. All that has been hidden may be much much bigger than we realized.

So too is our ability to heal. This ability is much bigger than we realize. As Jupiter moves through Scorpio for the next year our courage and ability to be authentic will increase. Our tolerance for what is not right will dissolve and we can step into a place where power and the truth are one.

Jupiter will fuse with Mercury both in the early degrees of Scorpio on Wednesday. Some keywords for Scorpio are: sex, death, birth, re-birth, other people’s resources, research, detective, hades, underworld, mysteries, taboo, abuse, rape, manipulation, healing, acute sensitivity, power, money. All that is intense is in the domain of Scorpio. It is the realm that no one dares mention. Even to the dying we avoid the discussion of dying. We sush the abused, its just too hard to hear. Not anymore.

Our minds will be drawn to thinking about the complicated topics of life. Death may be looming. That sense that something is coming for you. You can count on facing whatever it is you need to face to get to the next level of your evolution. You couldn’t stay the same now if you tried. Lean into it.

Think of yourself as a brave super hero willing to face what is bubbling up from the depths. More importantly, willing to feel what comes forward for acknowledgement. Be the rock for those you love. People need to speak of their experiences. They need to share to heal. Be there for someone. Be there to listen.

The New moon is exact on October 19, 2017 at 12:12 pm PST. Saturn is in the mix offering wisdom and Support. Draw up your master plan this new moon. Use this lovely new moon in Libra to open to new relationships. Open to justice,peace and balanced companionship. Mingle a little. Uranus is opposing this new moon which makes for an electric energy in the cosmos. You may be drawn to unusual people, which turn out to be your real people.

You have what it takes to get what you want. Soon you will have the laser like ability to focus your future into reality. The new moon is a powerful day to set your intentions. Think consistency for success to materialize. Believe in Magic to activate it. Many blessings.

Listen to this week Podcast for the Planetary Plans for the week ahead.

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