Hillory Skott

September 27th, 2016
💝New Moon in Libra🍬

September 26-2, 2016 The Moon is new in Libra: couple up. Deep diving Pluto heads forward again in Capricorn: Work like a boss. Mars moves into Capricorn this week too. Your inertia should be coming to a close.  Capricorn has ambition, focus, discipline, and patience. Magical ingredients for all makers anywhere. We are great and fabulous makers of life.  Get in touch with that knowing this week. Access your own power!

Monday Pluto finally shifts directions- Heading forward again right in the middle of Capricorn. Pluto is at work restructuring our lives in this area. We all have Capricorn in our charts somewhere. Pluto is a relentless grower.  Anyone with a strong Pluto or Scorpio is driven to transform.  Our Soul is here for a purpose. Pluto is going to do it’s best to make sure you know what that Purpose is.  

Astrology gives us an amazing insight into what we are here to do. Very directly showing our preincarnational objectives. How awesome is that?  With Pluto moving again you are going to feel like your uphill climb is actually getting you somewhere. Let the transformation unfold. Don’t settle. What you resist persists.

Mars makes it’s move on Tuesday into Capricorn too. That is some real umph in an already driven sign. Let yourself progress. “Unexpressed creativity is not benign” A quote from Brene Brown.  If you have been two wishy washy to express what needs expressing now you have no excuses.  Work like a boss is this this weeks theme.  Capricorn is a natural at being the boss- put your boss shoes on and marvel at your own natural ability to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  

The Libra new moon is very fortunate.  Venus is shining its peace loving light on all of us.  Jupiter is adding a great big dash of lucky expansion to the mix.  Take time to get clear about your goals- What new relationships could your bring into your life? Now they will be blessed with a harmonious glow.  Let go of strife and struggle. Release the need to hustle. Call in the good things in life. Call on ease and grace.  Call in peace and love. 

Saturday there is a notable air of Magic following the new moon with Neptune and Venus joining forces to bring something beautiful in to the world. Our fairy godmothers, guardian Angels and close personal guides are within reach. The gossamer veil is thin this day. Connect with your unseen team of benevolent helpers. Ask for what you need in Love and Light.  You only need to ask. Many blessings for a most prosperous week Lovely You!

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