Hillory Skott

July 20-26 2018 we are heading towards a Full moon Lunar Eclipse in future seeing Aquarius next week. This detached Aquarian energy is fused with agitated Mars. Uranus is adding the unexpected. Life is ripe for rebellion. A final dramatic clean slate moment might present itself. You saw it coming though. Between Eclipses we close doors to make room for new story lines. How much do you want to grow? Then, my dear it’s time to go.

On the 22nd the Sun moves into Leo-you now have a sense of what you deserve. All month wear some deep purple to tap into this vibe. Consider your posture. Are you caring for your biosuit? “All know the way, few actually walk it.” Follow your heart. Follow the way you know.

With the Leo Sun some fun is in order too. Tap into your inner child and play, sing dance, show em your stuff. Toot your horn. Toot toot. Encourage others to toot theirs. Just using toot in a sentence feels right. Even better to say it out loud. Remember to choose a Joyful journey. Dedicate yourself to a joyful life of self-expression.

Mercury will be going retrograde this week too, on the 25th. Remember do your communicating before then. If something important needs to be done do it now. Say it now. Write it now. Then just cruise on through Mercury Retrograde in Leo. Things might not be clear for a while. Luckily you will be able to detach. Mercury is opposite of this full moon action. Inner conflict is highly likely. Something is trying to integrate itself into your life. It may not be clear what.

It’s a roller coastery week if you ask me. Venus in grounded Virgo is arguing with netflix bingeing Neptune in escapist Pisces. A good though mundane use might be to clean out every nook and cranny. Use a toothbrush to clean the grout and the magnetic sealer on your fridge. Get on your hands and knees and clean the baseboards. We gotta live here in this real world- it’s better when it’s clean. Ask any Virgo. Also, fasting might be fun! Ask any Virgo.

To Satisfy the Neptune part of this Story watch movies, even better, write movies. Be creative. Open to your guides. I suspect Neptune is making us feel sleepy too. Integrate rather than argue with yourself. No one’s perfect, but it’s a good aim. You need a nap.  Neptune loves a nap.

The Sun opposes Mars on the 25th right before the Eclipse on the 26th. Perhaps a time for some pretty impressive head to heads. Stubborn, fixed, opinions and ways of being need to be bust up. Surround yourself with those with open minds and hearts. Kindness and Integrity. Honesty and Empathy. A new circle is forming around you in real-time. Now might show you who needs to be released from your storyline. It’s not personal.

More next week on the details of the Eclipse. We are all feeling it now. I always love it when you share your stories. How this energy is playing out for each of us in different ways is most fascinating. We are all in this together. We are each a part of how this planet came to heal. Do your work on you and you do it for all who come and all who have gone. Celebrate your worth-Know your Value. Thank You for your efforts. Many Blessings.


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