Hillory Skott
September 19-25 2016 Is action packed. Mental Mercury moves out of retrograde in Virgo. Our Sun moves to peace seeking Libra, marking the Autumn Equinox. It’s time to work for the harvest. Sweet Venus moves out of charming Libra into Churning Scorpio.  Our efforts in the dream world can now be seen. Action is required. Which actions need taking to get you where you are going will become much clearer over the coming weeks.

Mercury has been doing its review thing for the last three weeks.  It can be a frustrating time full of false starts. Thats usually only if you are trying to start something. If you used your time for review it’s likely you learned a thing or two about what was in the way of you getting where you need to be?  We are each born with the ability to live a joyful self-created life.  Retrograding planets give us a chance to make sure we are on track.  No one wants to go high-speeding, unthinking in the wrong direction.

On the 22nd The Sun moves out of vigilant Virgo into easy breezy Libra- Peace, harmony, justice, beauty and balance are just some of the words that describe Libra. Libra seeks to connect. It can be known to say what the other wants to hear just to keep the peace.  If confrontation is on the horizon there is a slipperiness that moves out of the line of fire without the other person even realizing they have been evaded.

To celebrate the Equinox be sure to write down your goals. Choose Love and Abundance, Health and Harmony.  We can coast along just fine sometimes, however, being clear about what you want will allow you to seize opportunities that are appearing now over the next 3 months. Much can be accomplished.

On Friday Venus moves to Scorpio.  Scorpio is linked to the deeper realities of life. Chit chat just won’t do.  Passion, obsession, jealousy, as well as transformation, depth, and healing. All occur in the realm of Venus in Scorpio. If you meet someone now. Which you likely will. It will be a most passionate connection, perhaps begun in another lifetime.  When you meet a past life connection you will sense it. They will feel like family to you. It can go the other way too, when you meet a past association that ended badly you might have an immediate and unexplainable dislike for a person. Mercury will trine Pluto in the earth signs it’s likely a good solid union that will form now.

On the 25th Jupiter and the Sun will give each other a great big lucky hug.  Get yourself out there Sunday- All this is happening in partnercentric Libra. If you want to couple up- Now is the time.  If you want to call in abundance, do it now. If you choose beauty, raise up that hand. If it’s peace say it. We need to choose.  Just choose.  You imagination coupled with a solid intention i really all you need to change your world.  Nothing is stopping you now. Love is all around.

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