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June 19-26 2018- We are about to enter the Solstice, one of the four power points of the year. Our senses are heightened now. If we are on the right path all we have to do is tend to our garden. If not, the veil will lift, and we get a glimpse of outcomes we may not want to come out for. Be present and celebrate the creative power you have at your disposal.

The truth will solve the problem. We can choose that by asking for ourselves what the truth really is. The Summer Solstice is a great time to clear negative timelines and create new and magnificent futures. Be ready to tend the garden and reap the rewards of focused relaxed transformation.

Be willing to see and feel into your life. When the Sun goes into Cancer we come to the energy of family and connection. Our home base is important. Our creative force is potent, fertile and nurturing.

There is powerful supportive emotional energy for us to tap into. If we are brave enough to feel our feelings we can get in touch with the truth of what we want. Once we can see what we feel we can let it go.  Breath into it and let go.

The zodiac sign of Cancer has to do with family and feminine energy. We all have ancestors who have contributed to our current paths, much of what stops you is just inherited grooves in your DNA. Clear the decks and start fresh. Imagine a spring garden full of different kinds of flowers, tulips, daffodils,  But you never planted those bulbs. Someone else did. Now you can go out there and dig up those old bulbs. You can be careful about it. Maybe you want to replant some of those bulbs somewhere else maybe not. The point is, it’s your garden, design it. Choose what beautiful flower you want to grow where. You don’t have to live with what’s there just because it’s there.

What will you plant this Summer Solstice.  The full power of the Sun is behind our endeavours. Our home base is important to us now. Our boundaries are important.  Our Shell is there to protect us. We deserve to feel safe and protected in our space so we can create our best world from a secure contented place.

Venus in royal Leo and Mars in humanitarian Aquarius are influencing this day. With a little balance we can find a way to offer our authentic self expression to help Humanity in someway.  You know the way. “ All know the way, few actually walk it.” Be one of the few, it’s likely already what you do.

A Good thing about Leo is fun is essential. Getting in touch with our inner childs power to experience joy is something we all need to heal and transform. Be sure that you let go of what stopped you from the joy little you was looking for.

Connect your heart to the heart of the Sun.Lift your face up to the light of the Sun and  let the Solar light heal and regenerate you deep deep down. It is its most powerful this, Thursday June 21, 2018 PST

As we head into the Eclipse season this summer you will feel things rushing along.  Do your best to stay centered. Return to the eye of the storm, the still point, if you are feeling out of balance.

Uranus is here to jolt us with new perspective about who we really are. This weekend Pluto and Mercury will have you understanding the reality of the complications. The complexity of expressing all sides of the situation.

Enjoy this week of swift changes.  Be ready to connect with your own Solar Power to be who you came to be.  Our creative energy is unlimited. What will you create this summer? What talents will you share with all your heart?

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