Hillory Skott

New Moon in Pisces: March 6, 2019 These are mystical times we live in. Consider yourself the oracle. Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter in influence. Neptune is like ink in water. Or the colors in a dancing fire. It’s what helps tune you into the Cosmos. It is always in your periphery.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th -28th of March 2019. As with all Mercury retrogrades focus on redoing, renewing, recollecting, releasing, resolving, removing. You get the idea: go over everything.  Figure out what creates the most happiness. What circumstances does your inner child thrive in?

Mercury retrograde can bring back old relationships. Ghosts from the past with unfinished business.  With Pisces it could even be ghosts from past lives. Keep your boundaries clear and your heart open.

Now is the time for the imagination. For steeping in the fertile tea of all possibility.  With the Equinox on the 20th we will be closer to the beginning.  For now, be content to not know what you love. When Pisces influencing we can empathize. Protect your energy.

Many Bright Blessing for Magical full moon.

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