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The Super full Moon is in purifying Virgo. Now is your chance to let go of what is no longer useful to you. Is it a bad habit? A box of old papers? A drag you down relationship? This Virgo Full Moon is here to help. You only have room for a well-ordered carry on.

Virgo energy is looking for perpetual perfection. Peace comes from taking care of all the details. Attending to the routines that build a healthy solid life. Your ability to see what is no longer working should be top-notch right now. Stay open to messages about food or supplements you might need to bolster your bio-suite. Our health is our wealth. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Sun moved into Pisces on the 18th. In Pisces nothing is as it seems. Magic is palpable, our dreams come clear through the sparkly fog. Honor the genius inner child that knows just what to call forth to bring you to the best possible life. Dreams come true every second of everyday. This is also a great time to look to your own dreams for messages.

Mars is in steady Taurus is making sure we don’t miss anything. It’s just the dash of stable we need to make progress. If you feel a little resistant to the new give yourself a little shove. Change is all that can be counted on. The Taurus Mars can help you find a method that works. A routine that gets you where you are going step by step.

Mercury is also in a nice aspect to Saturn during the full moon. There is opportunity to bring it down to Earth now.  Mercury in Pisces is tapped into the evolving flow of the cosmos. Saturn in Capricorn knows just what to do.  This is big ambition. The ability to play the long slow game is granted. It’s time to put on your taking care of business pants. Practical application of big dreams.

By Friday the 22nd you will be feeling the depth of what is transpiring around you now.  Jupiter and Mercury will square off. Confused ideas or stressful expansion could be happening around you.  The lack of true clarity can be frustrating.

The same day Venus and Pluto Join in Capricorn. The depth of our roots become more apparent. Predestined meetings can occur. Values align creating a solid foundation of deep understanding. Past life memories or anxieties are rising to be released.  Take what you have learned and evolve.

The weekend has a lot of action. When Mars and the Moon oppose each other it can create a power struggle. Try and keep an open mind. We each need what it is our opposite has.  Balance is the key.

Mercury and Pluto will also be connecting in a way that brings opportunity to make your dreams real. You have had success in the past. What has been done before can be done again and more.  It is a powerful week.

Write out  your intentions. Make a declaration to yourself. What is your mission? Who will you be? Who will you Love? What will you give?  Get clear every morning. Get clear about all areas of your life. You choose how to create your ideal reality. Now you can get much much closer to healthy supportive routines. Release the past.  Clear the space for new stories to be born. Just imagine the possibilities.

Wishing you many blessings of clarity, Inspiration and focus.

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