Hillory Skott

May 28-June 3, 2018 The moon is full in Sagittarius. Intuition is our guide.. Practical wisdom, inspired reasoning and purposeful interaction are all available to you now. You may be inclined to yell the truth from the rooftops. A dash of diplomacy will do wonders. Communication is key.

This full moon has many helpful connections urging us toward clarifying our beliefs. Creating a clear statement about your mission would be extremely powerful now. We are the creators of our lives. Our beliefs lay the foundation. Are your beliefs helping or hindering you? Seek the truth and the truth will seek you.

Mars is tied into this energy offering us an opportunity. A go get it attitude makes life easier. A sextile between the fire of Sagittarius and the wind of Mars in Aquarius stirs powerful energy. Life is an alchemy of energetic influences- when using what is available in a constructive way life brings us what we want. What we want is what we need. Perfect alchemy.

Mercury moves to Gemini within hours of the full moon. It is the ruler of Gemini so being clever really works out. You may be dazzled with your communication abilities. I hope you have something wonderful to express. Now’s the time. Write, speak, call, network, shmooze, touch base, connect. Add a scoop of gratitude to everything you express and watch this good luck multiply.

The beautiful grand trine in the water signs is very much influencing us during the full moon. If our feelings are our guidance system, which I believe they are, then they are really communicating to us now. The harmony available to us is magic. Swim around in a peaceful zero point energy, balance, stillness and contentment. We arrived and we feel. Now we can rest on Earth- the same letters are in Heart. Lets rest in our Hearts here on Earth.

Uranus is adding its energy too. It’s busting up the clumps and making things fertile for new growth. Foundations which are constantly evolving and ever stable can be seeded into our future.  It is our responsibility to be the example. To make our own lives work perfectly for us is the ultimate accomplishment. Then you can help. Put your oxygen mask on first.

On June first Mentle Mercury and mighty Mars are helping each other communicate with impact. Luck can come of efforts to express the unique and unusual. With Jupiter in deep diving Scorpio and Venus in family loving Cancer lucky commitments can be made.

The Moon and Pluto share space the same night.  Things are deep. You can see in helpful ways. Cut ties to past storylines. New realities are forming so lovingly make some space for them. Your inner child knows how to get what it wants so listen within. Pluto is not afraid to go there to get there. Lucky for us.

Be sure to write down your intentions. Or otherwise express them to the Universe.  Take the big ideas and make them real. Lead from your heart. As always. So it is.


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