Hillory Skott

October 23-30, 2018 The Full moon in Taurus asks: What are your intentions? Earthy Taurus helps us make it real. Like really real. Get specific. Snap out of it. It’s time to realign with a new design! This is a potent moon for making it happen, bringing your ideas down into the real world.

Enlightened Uranus is in luxury loving Taurus joined with the Full Moon. It’s an odd and unpredictable combo. One I suspect is designed to shake us out of our inertia. If you want to get to where you’ve never been you have to be willing to do what you have never done.

Much of you will resist the change. The sweetness of success is easy to achieve if you choose it. Now’s the time to know what you want. Dangle the carrot of life’s little luxuries. Taurus is a sensual sign ruled by Venus. The finer things in life make life mighty fine. Taurus knows this. Look around your life. Are you standing on solid ground?

Uranus is adding the current of chaos you need to break free. A jolt that brings in new circumstances and the beliefs needed to sustain the next step in your own evolution.  Be open to new people and circumstances. Be willing to let go as well. Often Goodbye leads to hello.

Saturn is helping us during this Full Moon. Saturn can help create the secure foundation you need to move forward. Hard to progress when your base needs are being neglected. Saturn is here to make sure we have that Dad energy we need to succeed. Follow your impulses to be thrifty and practical.  Make good choices.

Venus will be disappearing into the Sun on Friday. This fusion of energy in Scorpio has real depth. Scorpio leaves no stone unturned.  Find out what you need to know. Be willing to do a deep dive into your own psyche.

Scorpio is a super sleuth. Use your research power for good.Find something worthy to investigate- share what you learn in your investigations. Some interesting topics: Chemtrails-haarp, crop circles, the fifth Dimension, vaccines and the depopulation program, the solfeggio frequencies, star beings.  The possibilities are endless.

Mercury will be joining Jupiter and Venus  in Scorpio on Monday. Scorpio is a healing energy. An urge to regenerate is stronger now than any inertia you may have been subject to.  There is a big stable flow of energy if we are willing to jump up into it. Know to let go of anything that holds you back. Now this can be easy and it will stick!  Many blessings of all that you Value. Namaste.

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