Hillory Skott

November 22-26 2018- Gemini Full Moon on November 22 9:39 pm PST is the beginning of something New and wonderful. Tap into this energy to amp up your mental prowess. Smooth talking you is ready to chat about the meaning of it all.

Gemini connects. It samples. It tweets. Attention span is limited but so is a butterfly’s and that doesn’t make them any less valuable. You can learn a lot uber fast now. It’s like plugging in a headphone jack and tuning into the frequency you need for your personal upgrade.

Oh, wait, no, we are here in the future. To tune in to new frequencies simply focus your attention on your intention- it is the energy of our focus that takes us where we want to go. Human blue tooth. Wireless technology. Its is all apart of our evolution.

With this Gemini Moon, talking, writing, communicating in any way will be necessary to keep the buzzing energy grounded. Short trips, visiting, chit chat and crackling fires are satisfying- such simple things can mean so much. If you have been waiting to approach someone new now is the time.

The Sagittarius sun is opposite this moon. A powerful combo for action and new adventures. The Sun in Sagittarius can take your to new heights of knowledge and even wisdom. Its ruler Jupiter is opposite this moon joining the Sun. Nothing is stopping you see? Nothing ever was? We were wired into the matrix and now we aren’t . That’s Jupiter talking. Saturn probably has different advice. But he’s away on business now. So go Jupiter. Let us lift up and out of what no longer resonates with our happiest highest path. Our purpose is our quest! You are tapping into that now.

Mars is maybe triggering you to feel a bit like a hot hungry toddler- wobbly and prone to rants and protests. Roll with it- better out than in. If you come from the heart you can trust yourself no matter how irrational you may seem. Stomp it out. Write angry letters (wait to send). You shall not be thwarted says your anger. And thank goodness for that.

With Mercury retracing steps for the next couple of weeks you will get a chance to clarify things. Are your ducks in a row? Did you cross your eyes and dot your teas? Are you thinking in a focused yet expansive way? It is important to think big. If you can imagine it. It can be. So don’t settle for less than your grandest vision for yourself, your loved ones and the planet. Ask and you shall receive. You have the chance to arrange things just right.

The past is left easily now. You know all that you need to know so now you can get on with it. It’s really that simple. The energy of this Full Moon will help to align you with your highest path. Neptune will be turning direct  on the 24th. Neptune is big and magical it transforms through dissolving. This can come like a tsunami or gently, even with some glamour and certainly with shimmery fog all around. The time is ripe for magic. The human real kind of magic.

Don’t forget to ground yourself. Surround yourself with Light and Love. May your Quest be lit by Love. You have all that you need to get what you want.

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