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February 20th, 2017
⛅Solar Eclipse/New Moon✨

This week in Astrology
February 20-26,2017 The new moon solar Eclipse in Pisces magically ends this potent week. Is it real? Life is grounding us down into our most necessary changes this week. Even if it feels like you have cement shoes on, even if you might trip and fall in the river with those same shoes on, you gotta make a move.

Angry Mars in impetuous Aries is squaring off with slow and steady Pluto in Capricorn hell bent on new foundations. These two have different ways of getting where they’re going.This is a powerful clash between two Cardinal, bossy signs.

I want to say: Prepare for battle.  The shit might be hitting the fan, but I hate to be negative. Never-the-less, negative shit does happen. Stand up for what you believe in. Think us and them- You and me.

Your urge to be who you really are might get in the way of some long-term ambition. From an other angle you might get to act on your own behalf after feeling inhibited for a very long time , possibly years.  

This combo is good to force change that needs to be made.  It’s likely to advance you in much needed ways. The more adaptable you can be the more you can creatively use this energy in conscious ways.  Grab little you by the hand and get going before someone pushes you in the pool. 

Thursday a helpful energy comes into play between clever Mercury and wise old Saturn.  Life is so much easier when you can cleverly conjure wise reasons for everything. Thursday is your chance.  Get your notebook or whatever ready. Write that business down.

You are going to be receiving top notch intel on what is really going on in your life and the world in general,and for those so inclined to the whole of the Cosmos. Flashes of the Future and a detaching from the past are all possible.  Lean into it. Partake in your life. It’s partaking in you.

Right before the solar Eclipse Mercury will go into Pisces.  Make a gentle space for yourself.  To get the most of it in a creative life enhancing way allow yourself to create.  Open up to what that means for you.  Mercury in Pisces is wonderfully mystical.  Magical things like healing and great works of art can enter the earth plane on this vibration. So hop on board. Life has magic we miss all the time.  You won’t miss it now.  Not if you stand poised and ready to partake.   Get out of your rose colored glasses. Look for the gentle and good. 

 It might just be too good to be true.  Always look for the red flag- You get them when you need them. If there is a red flag, don’t go into a Pisces favorite: Denial. You want to stay on the right path now. Don’t be a martyr or a victim. Beware the martyr and victim.

On Sunday the 26th PST, There is a powerful Solar Eclipse/New Moon in otherworldly Pisces. It is fused with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Illusions, and deceit come as the dark side of this Neptunian energy. The times we live in are exposing lies of all kinds. Lies won’t work for our positive evolution so out comes the truth.  The utterly shocking truth of it all.  Though, you likely had hints all along. Embrace new information that frees you in any way.  Freedom is our birth right.  We were never meant to hand it over so easily, so unknowingly.

This is powerful Pisces energy. Your sensitivity will increase in ways the might make you think you have special powers. And you do. You should be a strong charge to your own energy system now.  Stay wholesome, don’t gum up the circuits with things that dull you down.

 Be always in your bubble of light.  Receiving and sending only the positive so you can amplify it , upgrade your vibration, and the vibration of every thing around you. You are a force for good, a source of light. Shine,so others can also shine.

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