Hillory Skott

October 25th, 2016
⚡New Moon in Scorpio🔮


October 24-30,2016 Mental Mercury slides into seductive Scorpio to cozy up next to the Sun. Things are getting serious. The New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday anchors in richer, deeper, more mysterious versions of reality.  It’s a potent week so take a breath and dive deep.

Mercury is leaving levelheaded charmer Libra for passionate Scorpio. Scorpio feels the depth inherent in life. It feels the full spectrum of emotion. From the deep dark depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy. It takes courage to feel all those pesky feelings. Obsession, with jealousy, rejection, secrets, revenge, transformation, the truth or anything intense and a real is possible.

Mercury joins space with Sun on Thursday. Here is where you can gain immense clarity. Understanding things on a whole new level is possible now. You could even receive downloads of past life beginnings of current complications and entanglements.  Scorpio is deep like that.  Use the energy to understand something on the most profound level.

This fusion of the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio allows you X-ray vision into situations and relationships that are hindering your forward progress.  Scorpios clarity can allow you to rip that band aid off and commit to what’s right. You’ll immediately know your choices were right. A weight will lift. Relief is sweet.

Friday there is a clash between two self-assertive energies. This should add a little fan to the flame.  If you need to get super real and free yourself with some old-fashioned straight talk this day it can happen fearlessly, perhaps regrettably if you are not careful.  So use your formidable will and choose to be kind- even if you are offing someones head. Keep your energy moving with exercise and stay away from dangerous situations.

Saturn day Venus and Saturn fuse in Sagittarius.  Truth is of utmost importance. You will find yourself more open to hard work and commitment than may be usual for you. Run with it.  Saturn can put us in touch with fear, and loneliness, sadness and worry.  But, Venus here can soften things.  Take the edge off and remind you why commitment makes so much sense. It could be commitment to a goal or a relationship. A whole new world could be opening up but your simple intention to stick it out.

Sunday the Moon in new in Scorpio. It’s a magical day to begin again.  A rebirth is possible. They more you are willing to leave behind the more freedom you have to step into what you want.  Take time Sunday to get super clear about what you want to begin in your life. Your power of intention is second to none now. Use your focus pocus and step into a new regime. New actions will get you new results. By Next may you will see the results of this powerful time.

Getting clear about what you want has never been easier. Scorpio energy can be laser sharp.  Formulate you plan and call in the energy needed to follow through to your intended goal.  The universe is conspiring to get you where you want to be. Where you choose to be. You can feel the magic this day while dreamy Neptune and clever Mercury sprinkle a dash of dreams can come true this day. Remember- we are co-creators.  Not choosing is a choice.  Be proactive. Lead with your heart.

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