Hillory Skott
November 7-13, 2016 This is a week of shifts and changes. Our get up and go Mars energy is moving from executive Capricorn into humanitarian Aquarius. Venus planet of love and values moves from freedom loving Sagittarius to long-term thinking Capricorn. And last but not least, fast thinking Mercury moves from weighty Scorpio to lets soar Sagittarius. New directions will be picked up now- new phases are beginning,foundations forming.

Tuesday Mars moves to Aquarius. You can move with less concerns now. Aquarius is an interesting energy- It cares very much for the good of the whole, but can neglect close relationships. It is gloriously unattached. I say gloriously because I often envy the Aquarian way in the world. I work always to detach. It’s unnatural to me and my Scorpio moon,but I see the higher way of it, strive for it. So when the Uranus energy, ruler of Aquarius, is in prominence we can all move a little more freely on our path. The Attitude of “Live and let Live” is to be modelled for certain. Now you can see what part you play in the greater whole, and how we all have our individual part to play. We have this genius individual energy available to us until mid December. Now is the time to thumb your nose at convention. Nothing can hold you back, especially what others may think of you.

Venus moving to Capricorn is great for our ability to recognize the long term viability of your actions. What we value is classic, ageless. Capricorn in Venus would be good for business ideas and partnerships. It’s also good energy to commit. Commitment is the first step int he direction you want- so the ability to decide and commit is something we can access now. Being indecisive is not proactive. And besides, sometimes not deciding is actually deciding.

Saturday Mercury is moving into Sagittarius. Woot woot- Let truth be the leader of the show. Should be interesting. Mercury is the energy of communication. Sagittarius is the truth seeking freedom loving energy of the zodiac. If you have something to teach- get it started now. Keep in mind that all your power is in this very moment- and what you are doing in it. It’s easy to feel the grass is greener over there but we have to achieve happy with the moment to attract more moments of happy. Use that this far seeing energy to figure out what direction you want to head. Ready aim fire. Let the adventure begin.

All this change is going down, unfolding under the Scorpio sun.  Scorpio does things in a very decisive way. If there is stuff you need to get rid of to move forward you should be enjoying that process very much.  Incredible focus and fortitude is possible now so use it to make forward progress.  You can see what needs to change – how could you not, if you are being honest with yourself. And with Mercury in Sagittarius and the Sun in Scorpio honesty is the only policy- with yourself and everyone else. Enjoy the clarity- tune into the clarity. And Love, tune into Love.

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