Hillory Skott

June 5-11, 2018 Clever Mercury and the busy Gemini Sun will square tuned in/out Neptune this week. Things that are unclear are that way for a reason. Though we may not see it now. Trust your confusion. Let it be busy bee.

We are in the middle Gemini Season. Make the most of the urge to go and do and move. Your mind is fast and your communications impressive.

The Sun and Mercury form a nice little unit this week which will have has very much up in our heads. Be sure to connect with the earth so you can ground this clarity into the real world. Chit chat isn’t making things real.

Relationship loving Venus is in Cancer. An urge to turtle may be competing with your need to take on outside responsibility. A family/work balance issue may be on the table now. Always with oppositions we are meant to integrate both. Learning to create and balance both areas is the path to fulfillment. You will never be happy with just one area well developed.

Wednesday the moon is in Pisces. Interestingly, Neptune is squaring the Mercury Sun Conjunction. Squares are stressful. I mean seriously stressful. Neptune will challenge your certainty. You may be all clear about what to do and when Neptune kicks in you wobble. I have Neptune conjoining my Moon and Mars. I wobble a LOT. Neptune isn’t great at the real world, unlike Saturn. But, it is the energy that connects us to the unseen realms where inspiration and magic connect. It is in this area where we can envision highest possible futures and draw on this vision to navigate our choices and actions in 3D.

Take some nap time wednesday. This Pisces moon with all the Neptune connecting will make you sleepy. Our connection to the Cosmos is often clearest when we are in a state of meditation or rest. Hot baths, essential oils, dance, art and connecting from the heart will help you navigate. More being, less doing.

The weekends Taurus moon will help get you in touch with the simple finer things in life.Get out in the world and enjoy yourself.  Indulge a little. Maybe a lot. The Moon will fuse with Uranus in Taurus on the 9th. It will give us a glimpse of what and how Uranus, newly in Taurus affects us all. Observing is the best way to learn the effects of a particular influence in your life.  Be aware of this on Saturday.

Next week is the new Moon in Gemini.  Where does this show up in your own chart?  This is where the action will be. Stay tuned for next week. Until then. Observe.  Attempt to explain the unexplainable and enjoy the moment. Many bright blessings abound.


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