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May 23-30, 2016 another busy week of change ahead.  Venus moves from her cozy...

May 16 -22 2016. This is a week of powerful shifts to new modes...

9-15 May 2016 Rightly truthful Jupiter moves forward in ever vigilant Virgo. This is...

  • May 23-30, 2016 another busy week of change ahead.  Venus moves from her cozy spot in safe haven Taurus to curiously illusive Gemini, then opposes Mars in Sagittarius- A feeling of either or, this or that is rising clearly- What should you do? Relationships are being tested for truth and flexibility. Wise old Saturn is […]

  • May 16 -22 2016. This is a week of powerful shifts to new modes of operation: the Moon is full in nothing but the truth Sagittarius and Mercury is done messing around with our perceptions of reality. We will all feel the sun move out of stable Taurus in to curious Gemini on Friday.  This […]

  • Jupiter Direct

    May 10th, 2016
    Jupiter Direct

    9-15 May 2016 Rightly truthful Jupiter moves forward in ever vigilant Virgo. This is a noticeable shift for all of us. Jupiter had us looking over the areas of our life that need expansion since January. Now we know exactly where to focus. Hop on the wave of fantastically expansive energy.  You can sense the […]

  • May 2-8, 2016 We start this New Moon Week with five planets in retrograde.  Forward motion is happening in unexpectedly helpful ways.  Mine the would haves and should haves: what didn’t you do that you could have? Now you can with an amazing new perspective. Tuesday there is a trine between the sun in earthy […]

  • April 26- May 2, 2016 Master of communications Mercury is going retrograde this week. This is a significant shift in perspective. It’s time to turn and walk backwards for awhile.  Have a look at what you are leaving behind or  maybe dragging behind you- either way, It’s important to know how you are handling your […]

  • Full Moon in Scorpio

    April 22nd, 2016
    Full Moon in Scorpio

    Thursday Night PST the Moon is full in Pluto Ruled Scorpio. For two days following you can harness the power of the full moon. Do you have something to investigate?  Scorpio loves a good investigation.   Your feelings might run amok.  Scorpio is a full range feeler.  The full spectrum of emotionality,intense . So brace yourself. […]

  • April 18- 24, 2016 rip it from the roots Pluto starts a five month retrograde, watch as your perspective transforms. Now you can see how you are using your power in life- or not.  The Full Moon in Pluto ruled Scorpio late thursday will add some serious depth to your understanding. Passion stirs and we […]

  • Mars Goes Retrograde

    April 12th, 2016
    Mars Goes Retrograde

    April 11-17, 2016 A magical trine of opportunity between romantic Venus and triumphant Mars happens Tuesday in jump in with both feet fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. Open your heart and make a wish- call in the one for you.  All kinds of new relationships can begin now. Truth and authenticity will be the hallmark […]

  • Aries New Moon 2016

    April 12th, 2016
    Aries New Moon 2016

    April 4- 10. 2016- Get ready to formulate. This weeks Aries new moon is potent with potential. This first new moon of the astrological new year will show you results by mid October. What are you going to create now?  What can you get behind with all your Heart and Soul? What will take a […]

  • March 28-April 3, 2016 mental Mercury is a busy bee this week. Clear inspired thinking is a great big blessing when you can bring the vision down to earth. Mercury is in Aries, big, bold, and brave. Empire building Saturn is dropping beats with clever Mercury.  Take a deep breath this week- breathe in the […]

  • “If you don’t go through it, you won’t get through it.”

    Sean Smith
  • “It’s never to late too be what you might have been.”  

    George Elliot
  • Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.

    Marianne Williamson
  • I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

    Og Mandino
  • Insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein
  • Light is a powerful Source of healing. If there is any place of discomfort in the body, send it Light.

  • Your Spiritual Growth is the Greatest contribution you can make to yourself.

  • Being deeply Loved by someone gives you strength, while Loving someone deeply gives you courage.

    Lau Tzu
  • Each one of us decides to incarnate upon this planet at a particular point in time and space. We have chosen to come here to learn a particular lesson that will advance us upon our spiritual, evolutionary pathway.

    Louise L Hay
  • Abundance isn’t something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.

    Dr.Wayne Dyer

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  • Connect with Crystals

    April 25th, 2016
    Connect with Crystals

    “The Angles bring you the energy of the Crystals to purify, cleanse and raise the frequency of your energy field. If you feel a connection then the Crystals are calling you” Tanja Christine Jaeger Gratefully I discovered Crystals the...

  • “Combining flower essence healing with astrology  enables us to do something with the astrological awareness we have gained, to ground the starry wisdom in some practical or manifest form. For many, awareness is not enough. We want to change,...

  • I first discovered cell salts when looking to heal my daughters cavities naturally.  Yes! it can be done, no drilling necessary. I started to study thease little gems and soon found out that they have been related to each...

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