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February 1-7, 2016 Welcome to February. There is support from the cosmos this week-...

January 25-31, 2016 Mercury goes direct!  Yay- finally.  This Capricorn Mercury Retrograde was stern....

Predictions, forecasts and transformation for 2016- Free Speakers Series There is no faster path...

  • February 1-7, 2016 Welcome to February. There is support from the cosmos this week- Wednesday you can get important plans in place. Deep clarity is trying to arrive in your mind.  Change is the only way you can get from where you are to the life you dream of. Take aim. Now is the time. […]

  • January 25-31, 2016 Mercury goes direct!  Yay- finally.  This Capricorn Mercury Retrograde was stern.  Yikes! But this week it starts moving forward and so will the results of our intentions and resolutions. Welcome to 2016, now lets get rolling! Hard work is called for but it will have lasting results now.  This Mercury retrograde was […]

  • 2016- follow your Heart

    January 19th, 2016
    2016- follow your Heart

    Predictions, forecasts and transformation for 2016- Free Speakers Series There is no faster path to your dreams come true than to follow your Heart Hosted by Karen & Salma from Unbounded Potential. Join me and 8 other fabulous guest speakers  who are  holding the intention to help you progress forward to find Love, Truth, Peace, […]

  • January 18-24, 2016 The Sun moves into future seeking Aquarius. Sweet Venus moves to success seeking Capricorn. The Moon will be full in charismatic Leo connecting you with your royal legacy, your inherent worth. Take time step up your game. Step out of the shadows and show them your stuff. This is the last week […]

  • January 11-17 2015, Capricorn is definitely coloring the cosmos this week.  Lots of positive stability forming energy is swirling around. Mercury is retrograde pulling us within to review, rework and renew our plans.  Relationship seeking Venus is paired up with independent Uranus- dazzling and unpredictable. Be ready for change. Let me rephrase that ” Be […]

  • January 4- 10, 2016 – Mercury and Jupiter go retrograde and the Moon is new in quality seeking Capricorn.  Time to get serious. Seriously focused. Deep diving Pluto is close this new moon and the ruler of the electric new is squaring off with transforming Pluto. Take it one thoughtful step at a time. Think […]

  • Wishing You Magic in 2016

    December 30th, 2015
    Wishing You Magic in 2016

    December 28, 2015- January 3,2016 – Venus, Mars and Mercury are all switching signs this last week of the year.  You can’t help but notice a sudden change in perspective.  Venus hops over to Sagittarius for some cross cultural education. Mars moves to steamy Scorpio for some clear understanding of how to use other people’s […]

  • December 21 -27. 2015 The Solstice marks one of the four power points of the year as the Sun moves into ambitious Capricorn. Christmas day we have a super full moon in sensitive family loving Cancer. There is mystical connection to Neptune and a inspiring contact between Jupiter and Mercury. It’s a powerful time to […]

  • December 14-20, 2015 soul shifting Pluto is making helpful contact with peace seeking Venus before fusing with communicator Mercury this week.  Relationships can take it to the next level. Share your deepest wishes. Seek peace, beauty and deep heartfelt connection. Our souls sing when we share our feelings-no matter how irrational. Be vulnerable, here you […]

  • December 7-13, 2015 A New moon in Big thinking Sagittarius sets the tone for a magical week of lucky coincidences, brilliant flashes of insight and the discipline to help bringing it all down into reality. Don’t miss your moment.  Step out into new directions with your freshly dusted off plans. To use the abundant energy […]

  • “If you don’t go through it, you won’t get through it.”

    Sean Smith
  • “It’s never to late too be what you might have been.”  

    George Elliot
  • Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.

    Marianne Williamson
  • I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

    Og Mandino
  • Insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein
  • Light is a powerful Source of healing. If there is any place of discomfort in the body, send it Light.

  • Your Spiritual Growth is the Greatest contribution you can make to yourself.

  • Being deeply Loved by someone gives you strength, while Loving someone deeply gives you courage.

    Lau Tzu
  • Each one of us decides to incarnate upon this planet at a particular point in time and space. We have chosen to come here to learn a particular lesson that will advance us upon our spiritual, evolutionary pathway.

    Louise L Hay
  • Abundance isn’t something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.

    Dr.Wayne Dyer

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  • “Combining flower essence healing with astrology  enables us to do something with the astrological awareness we have gained, to ground the starry wisdom in some practical or manifest form. For many, awareness is not enough. We want to change,...

  • I first discovered cell salts when looking to heal my daughters cavities naturally.  Yes! it can be done, no drilling necessary. I started to study thease little gems and soon found out that they have been related to each...

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